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Attukal Pongala

Attukal pongala again reached. Trivandrum town will be dissolved under prayers. It is the largest female collective joint ventures in the world. it is the combination of women’s faith and piety. Everywhere before the day of Pongala the women’s prayers and offering of the god will be like a festival view. The town will be like a withdrawal of some other age. women came into existence from pongala night. Thus this Pongala is different from other pongala. Till a decade ago the festival conducted in a simple manner near to the surrounding of the attukal temple now it becomes a spiritual for lakhs of people within a quick time. This type of festival cannot be seen in other types of festivals everywhere.

once in a year women who come from different parts of Kerala make Trivandrum town not only make the town to an auspicious festival. But also it is a festival of women who conquer a whole town on that whole is also a festival of remembers the culture of peasants.

That day the festival removes the habit of modern times and goes to the mother goddess. the people who see that festival know that Attukal pongala is something beyond the ritual. The festival celebration can be seen one day before the festival date. Before sunset, the town will be in festival mode

The nature of Trivandrum town will change one day before the pongala day. The railway station, bus stands, Trivandrum streets, etc will be filled with a group of women. For women, it is the festival to rinse their mind, soul, and body.

Before Kumbam the women’s preparation starts. There are so many people who make an oath to attend the pongala without dropping it.

There are so many things to see in pongala. Attukal pongala will be a relief or freedom to a woman who lives like a slave in the will give courage to women to go through the darkness against the process of reaching their home before the sunset.

on that day the woman takes over the underworld in which they had fears to travel earlier. Now she doesn’t have any fear to travel at night.

For woman pongala is not only about spiritual but also it’s more than festival. It makes the of the resembles of remembering that happens one day before the day of a marriage day of relatives. It like a festival addiction. Devotes comes to Trivandrum before two days of the actual pongala day. In that, the maximum number of people comes from distant places of Kerala. The city dwellers find their place and reach early in advance to create their own Fireplace. so Attukal pongala night will be a day of women who is an outsider of that town. why lakhs and lakhs of women who come to offer pongala to Attukal goddesses. it’s all about the unselfish worship of women to the Attukal goddess. Every devotes have their own goals to satisfy. it consists of the result of some prayer, to make their prayer to comes true, to solve the extreme miseries of life, cure from deadly diseases, in addition to those things like marriage, children, housing, etc. For this reason, people visit Attukal goddesses.

When women light the fireplace the town will merge in prayers. the town will reach its own destiny when all the women finish their offerings to the goddess and try to reach their home. women leave the temple with the hope to reach that temple again next year on Kumbam.

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