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Brought CAA to correct historical injustice: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspects a guard of honour during the Annual Prime Minister’s NCC Rally 2020 at Cariappa Parade Ground, Delhi Cantonment, in New Delhi, Tuesday. DG NCC Lt. Gen. Rajeev Chopra is also seen. (Photo: PTI)

He said that many who are oppressed in these countries are dalits.

New Delhi: Prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said his government brought in the Citizenship (Amendment) Act to correct “historical” injustices and some political parties are opposing it due to “vote bank politics”.

Mr Modi said India had promised Hindus-Sikhs and other minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan when it got Independence, that they can come to India if they needed. “This was Gandhiji’s wish and also the intention behind the Nehru-Liaquat pact,” Prime minister said while addressing the Annual Prime Minister’s National Cadet Corps (NCC) Rally 2020. He said that it is India’s responsibility to give refuge to those people who have been oppressed due to their faith. Mr Modi said that these people have faced historical injustice and to stop this and fulfil old promises, government brought the CAA.

“Our government brought in CAA to give citizenship to such people but some political parties are in competition to do vote bank politics. For whose interest are they working? Why can’t they see atrocities faced by these people in Pakistan,” said the Prime Minister.

He said that many who are oppressed in these countries are dalits. The Prime Minister pointed out that recently Pakistan army had brought out an advertisements for sanitation jobs which was open only for non-Muslims.

The Prime Minister said that many people left India at the time of Partition but asserted their rights over the properties here. Despite the right of India on these assets worth millions of crores, enemy property was kept in abeyance for decades, he added. Mr Modi said that those who opposed the Enemy Property law are the same people who have now come out to oppose the CAA.

He said that these people through their friends in international media are carrying out propaganda that due to decisions taken by the government, Modi’s image has been hit.

The Prime Minister said that his government corrected various mistakes of the past. He said that while Pakistan lost three wars and could be defeated in 7-10 days by “our armed forces”, it continued to wage wars against India through proxy war in which thousands of innocent citizens were killed. He pointed out this was because previous government considered terrorism a law and order problem and “even when our armies would ask for action, they would not go ahead”.

Mr Modi said his government carried out surgical and air strikes against terrorists due to which there is peace in J&K and other parts of the country and terrorism has been largely restricted.

He also said the J&K problem had persisted since Independence with some families and political parties keeping issues in the region alive. This had resulted in terrorism thriving. The Prime Minister termed “historic” the pact signed by the Centre with insurgent group National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) and two other outfits.


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