Career Guidance Portal Launched


The Department of School and Mass Education (DSME), Government of Odisha in alliance with UNICEF has inaugurated a career portal for Secondary and Higher Secondary students to assist them with expert advice on their future careers. Samir Ranjan Dash, Minister of School and Mass Education spotlighted this portal saying that this initiative has come at an appropriate time as this is the need of the hour to guarantee all children would obtain knowledge on a wide range of career options which would help them to make informed choices during this unusual education emergency which is going on due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Principal Secretary of DSME, Satyabrat Sahoo said, “We hope that the career portal reaches all Secondary and higher Secondary students with its services and information.” This portal will enable adolescents to choose their career path in position with their aspirations and attitudes and also will help them to connect with work opportunities. The most impressive aspect of this career portal is that its content is localized and reviewed by experts. The portal will be accessible through the website with a student login ID and password. Through this, the students will be able to login to the dashboard to access information, post queries, and apply for relevant opportunities.

The portal also provides opportunities to interact with great personalities and mentors from reputed professional and vocational institutes which will enable the students to further understand potential learning and career opportunities.



This new portal is available in Odia and indeed a unique platform that aggregates information on careers, colleges, vocational institutes, entrance exams, and scholarships. The portal includes information on more than 550 career paths and students will get to access more than 2,62,000 colleges and vocational institutes with the information on over 17,000 undergraduate, postgraduate colleges, and vocational institutes in the State and Country. Detailed information regarding 1,150 entrance exams including application procedure is also given here. Relevant information on more than 1,120 scholarships, competitions, and fellowships for higher education in India as well as abroad is also available.


Bhupinder Singh Poonia IAS, Senior Project Director, highlighted the huge impact on the lives of students from the Secondary and Higher Secondary across Odisha in the future years while welcoming the guests. He also said that the development needs and career concerns of adolescent students would undergo huge physical and emotional transformation to face global challenges. Meanwhile Dr.Monika Nielsen, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF said that the Odisha career portal is a noteworthy medium for providing adolescent students of Secondary and Higher Secondary in the State to steer on to a smooth transition from school to work through a Higher Education.


UNICEF is committed to supporting quality learning intercessions state-wide. The portal provides easy access to information on different careers and will allow students to interact with teachers. The good news is that students will also be able to access the career guidance services through a mobile-friendly app that is created specifically for the portal.






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