Chandigarh-based group raises money for children’s education by reusing earthen lamps

‘Deep Se Sahayog Tak’ project was started in 2018.

Chandigarh [India]: Motivating others to reduce and recycle waste materials, a Chandigarh-based group has come up with ‘Deep Se Sahayog Tak’ project under which they have reused discarded earthen lamps to raise money for children’s education.
Rohit, a member of the group said the project was started in 2018 and they earned Rs 50,000 in 2019 after reusing earthen lamps from last year’s waste. They contributed that money for the education of needy children.

Speaking to ANI, Rohit said, “We came up with the idea of reusing discarded earthen lamps in 2018 and started Deep Se Sahayog Tak project under which we provided funds to help needy children to study. We collected 20,000 lamps in 2018 and recycled them to sell, from which we earned Rs 50,000.”
“In order to help people financially, we have created a self-help group of youth who were in contact with us during COVID-19. We engaged them in the cleaning and colouring of lamps. Now, 40 per cent of the earning will go to these youth who helped cleaning the lamps and 60 per cent will be invested in children’s education,” he added.

The group will sell a pack of 24 pieces of earthen lamps in an eco-friendly bag at the cost of Rs 50 with an option of home delivery.
“One of the known shopping malls at Chandigarh has also allowed us to sell these packs on their premises,” Rohit said.

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