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Corona; 1116 persons examined under state health cover, says Health Minister

by Shaju Mon
Health minister kk Shailaja

Kozhikode: The health department is working with stringent measures to prevent coronavirus in the state. Health Minister KK Shailaja has said that people from a corona infected place would be prosecuted if people hide that they have flu or cough. The Health Minister said that a sample testing facility would be set up in Kozhikode Medical College College from tomorrow. The Health Minister said that permission has been granted to start this facility in Thiruvananthapuram.

There are 1116 suspected corona disease persons who are there in the state. Of these, 967 are in homes. 149 are in hospitals. The collection of data relating to the cases of patients returned from Italy in Pathanamthitta is continuing. Of these, 270 were found to be in direct contact with them. Of those who had direct contact, 95 had a higher risk of disease.

Of these, 449 were found to have secondary contact with the corona victims. The health department is also talking to them. They are also under observation. In the wake of the virus, the authorities of the district have suggested that wedding ceremonies in the district should be performed only for the namesake. Transportation should be done only for those who need it most. Officials also urged the public not to attend the funeral ceremonies unwantedly.

LP schools in the district have been closed for two weeks. Restrictions made for School Annual Celebrations. There should be no feasting or community feast, Says the officials.

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