by Smitha S

A 11 year old girl walked to the collectors office which is 10kms away from her home in Odisha to file a complaint against her dad for stealing her mid-day meal allowances. This is in Odisha’s Dukuka village in Kendrapara District. On monday this  girl named Sushri Sangita Sethi,who is studying in Dukuka Vidyapitha gave a written complaint to the collector Samarth Verma reporting that her father,Ramesh Chandra Sethi is forcibly taking away the Mid Day Meal (MDM) allowed by the government to the students in need.

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, the government has been depositing money meant for MDM , in the bank accounts of students like Sushree.As the schools are closed due to the pandemic,the concerned authorities are providing 150gms of rice to each student and also depositing Rs.8.10 per day in their accounts as well. Sushree states that she has a bank account but the school authorities are depositing the money in her father’s account. She reported to the collector that when she asks for money from Ramesh,he refuses to give it to her and also takes her quota of rice from school.

Sushree’s mother had passed away 2 yrs ago , and her father had remarried but she was sent out from that home as he father and step mother refused to take care of her,and ever since she was living with her uncle. Kendrapara collector Samarth Verma said,”On hearing the plight of the student, I have directed the District Education Officer (DEO) to deposit the money in her account from now on. Besides, the DEO will take necessary steps to recover the money and rice from the student’s father which was already taken in her name.”  Taking the order, DEO Sanjib Singh said, “as per the direction of the collector,we will deposit the money she is entitled to directly in her bank account and also action will be taken against her father to recover the amount he has been receiving in her name. The school authorities are also ordered to provide the money only to Sushree and not her father.”


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