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Dave Bautista slams writer over ‘My Spy’ joke

by PTI

“Guardian of the Galaxy” star Dave Bautista has called out a writer who compared his upcoming movie “My Spy” with “Kindergarten Cop”.

In the film, the action star plays a hardened CIA operative who finds himself at the mercy of a seemingly innocent nine-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to spy on her family.

The writer, Jason Perlow, took to Twitter, wondering why films are being made in the same vein as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s memorable 1990 comedy.

“Why is every muscle bound action movie star compelled to repeat what Schwarzenegger did with ‘Kindergarten Cop’? You cannot improve on this seminal classic, The Rock, John Cena, and Dave Bautista,” the writer said.

To this, Bautista shot back, saying, “What an ignorant thing to say. Anyway, enjoy being a judgmental prick.”

The writer then apologised to the 51-year-old former WWE wrestler.

“I thought you would see the humour. I apologise and my mistake if that wasn’t recognized. I was a huge fan of your ‘Blade Runner’ appearance, I thought it went highly unappreciated compared to your other roles. Peace,” he wrote.

“My Spy”, directed by Peter Segal and also featuring Chloe Coleman, will release in the US on March 13.

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