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Diwali celebrations in Ram temple complex in Ayodhya will symbolise ‘Treta Yuga’: says chief priest of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

by ANI

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Trust.

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: A grand Diwali celebration has been planned in Ram Temple complex area in Ayodhya including the place where the foundation for a grand temple was laid in August this year.
Chief priest, Ram Janmabhoomi, Acharya Satyendra Das said that the celebration will symbolise “Treta Yug”, the second of the four yugas (a vast period of time) in Hinduism.
He said grand Diwali celebrations will be held in the earlier disputed area after 28 years.
“This year, Diwali will be grand and it will be celebrated in the Ram Temple complex in Ayodhya after 28 years. Ram Lalla had to be under a tarpaulin for 28 years. The complex will be decorated in a way that it will look like the celebration held in Treta Yuga,” he said.
“Earthen lamps will be lighted in the entire area of the temple. `Aarti’ will be performed by the chief minister and will attract lot of people. This Diwali will the symbol of Treta Yuga,” he added.Residents of Ayodhya said this year’s Diwali is special for them and they will witness a grand celebration while taking precautions against coronavirus.
“We are very happy this year Diwali celebration will be grand as the legal case going on for several years has been decided. This Diwali is very special for us as bhoomi pujan of a grand Ram temple has been done,” Vijaylaxmi Gupta told ANI.
Ram Lalla, the presiding deity of the Ram Janmabhoomi, was shifted from sanctum sanctorum of the makeshift temple in March this year after nearly 28 years to pave the way for construction of a grand temple following court verdict. The ceremony was attended by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.
The bhoomi pujan for construction of Ram temple was done by Prime Minister in Ayodhya in August this year.
Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya said the Diwali festival will be on a grand scale.
“Diwali during the start of construction of Ram Temple will be so grand that nobody have witnessed before and nobody has imagined. We have planned to make this Diwali memorable. Under it 13 crore devotees linked to our tapasvi chhavani’s culture in the various countries have taken pledge to light at least five lamps and plant five saplings this Diwali. This Diwali will Ram Temple’s Diwali and the construction of Ram Temple is the start of Ram Rajya,” he said.

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