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Escaped COVID-19 patient caught by the police

by Smitha S

Under the raging virus transmission circumstances a Covid-19 positive patient escaped on Friday from one of the city’s largest hospitals where he was undergoing treatment. This man named Li Wan-keung, aged 63, was actually admitted to the isolation ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on December 14 where he was tested positive for the virus.


The police said the man had escaped the hospital ward via a stairwell on Friday and was wearing a jacket over his hospital clothes to remain unidentified. Police caught the man however as the patient 7379 was missing from the hospital.Hong Kong has so far reported more than 8000 coronavirus cases and 130 deaths in the city


The police said ok Sunday that he was caught in the working class neighbourhood of Mong Kok at around 23.00 and was sent to hospital for treatment. Police also told people who escape quarantine may face a HK $5,000 penalty and will be imprisoned up to two months.

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