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Five people who arrived in India from Britain tested positive for novel coronavirus

by Smitha S

India with the second-highest number of infections in the world after the United States with a tally soaring 10 million this weekend and more than 146,000 deaths because of Covid-19 reported is now under the fear of the new mutant strain of coronavirus. This is because five people who had landed in India from Britain have been tested positive for the virus. 266 passengers and crew had arrived in New Delhi on a flight from Britain on Monday late hours.


Five of them had been tested positive for coronavirus but it’s not yet clear whether any of the five had a new strain. The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is yet to confirm this. The aviation ministry had announced the suspension of all flights from Britain from Wednesday until the end of the month and had made it strict for all passengers who arrive before the ban comes into force to be tested for the virus.

The discovery of the new strain was made just recently when vaccines were supposed to be widely available, in the world and it had created a new panic in the pandemic which has killed about 1.7 million people worldwide and more than 67,000 in Britain. Two more flights from Britain have landed in India since the announcement of the flight ban, one in Mumbai and the other in the northern city of Amritsar. Test results from the 240 people who arrived late on Monday in Amritsar were due on Tuesday afternoon, according to government official Deepak Bhatia.



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