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Fungal infection threat for covid treating wards in hospitals.

by Smitha S

Several cases of a deadly fungus, Candida Auris have started to appear in large across hospitals in the US after making its mark in high rates in Florida Hospitals. According to the new reports, dozens of people who were being treated for coronavirus at a hospital in Florida last summer have become additionally infected with this mysterious , deadly Candida Auris. This is a multiple resistant yeast was first identified in Japan in 2009 and has been on a top priority list in the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the past few years due to its increasing global spread.


However according to media reports, the very recent outbreak began in July 2020 notified the Florida Department of Health of an initial four cases among patients who were being treated for the coronavirus. The hospital identified 35 more patients as being Candida Auris after additional screening in its Covid-19 unit was carried out. The data found was only for 20 out of 35 people where 8 people had already died. It was not clear whether the fungus was the reason for death is not yet clear.


According to the CDC, Candida Auris is a yeast that causes severe illness in hospitalised patients which causes bloodstream infections, wound infections and ear infections.it has also been found in urine samples and respiratory samples which is a threat for lungs and bladder too. The health experts say that invasive infection with any candida species can be fatal and it’s a high risk for people already having comorbidities.

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