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Health Minister K.K Shylaja’s Resent against corona virus

Health Minister K.K Shylaja

Health minister K.K Shylaja said that “The five cases are from the Pathanamthitta district. The three persons returned from Italy and their relatives tested positive for the virus”.

“The three members infected coronavirus patients who come from Italy consists of a couple and their son. the other two infected members are their relatives. it came to know that they didn’t report at the airport”

when their two relatives came to the hospital for the checkup. After the checkup, the medical team confirms that they were affected by COVID-19. From them, the medical team came to know the family who comes from Italy. Immediately the medical team reached their house and insisted to check up. First of all, they insisted to go for a check-up. at last, they forcefully insisted to go for a check-up. The medical report of them proves to be positive.

“The minister urged all the co-passengers of the three patients who traveled in Qatar Airways flights QR 126 Venice to Doha and QR 514 Doha to Kochi, to immediately report to health authorities. they took fright from on February 29 from Venice to Doha. by taking the next flight OR 514 reached on Kerala next day morning at 8:30 am. the passengers inside the above two flights are insisted to go for a primary medical check-up”

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