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Here’s how EV Duniya is working towards a better future

by ANI

New Delhi [India], January 15 (ANI/SRV Media): Over the past decade or so, electric vehicles have taken the automobile industry by storm. As global warming and climate change become a worrying factor day by day, more and more people are now looking to electric vehicles as the solution. In a country like India where the more than 250 million cars operate on the road, a much environment-friendly solution is imminent.
Electric vehicles act as excellent replacements for cars that run on fossil fuels such as diesel, petrol or CNG. Despite India being the fourth-largest auto market, merely 4 lakh electric vehicles are on the road. To keep track of the status of electric vehicles and provide updates, EV Duniya strives towards being the perfect solution. The platform was founded as an integrated platform to access information related to the electric vehicle industry.
EV Duniya consists of various sections focusing on different ranges such as electric bikes, electric cars and electric vehicle charging stations. Along with it, the platform also provides news, reviews, and informative videos. EV Duniya has kept their platform open to all wherein any individual or businesses can contribute any information, upcoming trends, latest technologies, vehicle review, news and much more related to electric vehicles. The platform also provides updates about the electric vehicle industry from across the globe.Arjun Pawar, Founder and CEO, on the future of electric vehicles, says, “Electric vehicles are the future and there is no denying it. With natural resources depleting every day, the automobile industry needs to switch to electric vehicles. At EV Duniya, we strive to provide the latest update regarding the EV industry and wish to educate more people about the benefits. EV Duniya was founded with the goal of spreading awareness across India and working towards bringing about a change in the way people perceive electric vehicles. Our aim is to create an ecosystem of stakeholders involved in the Electric Vehicle Industry, where our focus is to create a supportive community which will work towards creating a sustainable future for EV Industry. Despite the current lack of infrastructure, governments will soon realise the need to shift to other environmentally friendly forms of vehicles.”
EV Duniya was founded on the core values of integrity, honesty, and a passion for bringing about change. The team consists of experienced and talented individuals with a passion for the electric vehicles industry. Owing to the various sources in the automobile industry, EV Duniya is able to provide timely news and updates regarding new vehicle launches, updates about charging stations, changes in government norms, and much more.
The mission remains constant for EV Duniya; to ensure a smooth transition towards the adoption of electric vehicles for a better future. Through this, the team at EV Duniya continuously works on making our planet greener, cleaner and a better place to live. The switch to electric vehicles is inevitable in the future and EV Duniya ensures regular updates.
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