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Huge Volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island

by Smitha S

According to the U.S Geological survey advisory the Kilauea volcano has erupted on Sunday night. It was followed by an earthquake at the volcano’s south side. The earthquake recorded a magnitude of 4.4 on the Richter scale as per the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory the earthquake’s epicenter being located under the southernmost.part of the Kilauea volcano. The incident happened at 10.36 pm according to the sources.


All the residents around the place were urged to stay indoors as huge steam clouded the sky and ashes were massively falling. Since 2018 this was the huge activity seen at the volcano. Over several months forced evacuations were going on as there was a string of earthquakes and explosive eruptions were going on. Hundreds of homes were destroyed in the lava flows.

According to the Hawaiian County Civil Defence Agency Sunday’s eruptions were reported at the Halemaumau Crater of the Kilauea Volcano at the early hours on Monday. The eruption started with multiple fissures opening on the walls of Halemaumau Crater. A picture even showed Kilauea’s summit illuminated by the hot lava with a plume of steam and gas which was bursting out of the volcano.




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