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INDIAN AIR FORCE recieves three Rafale jets after flying nonstop from France.

by Smitha S

Rafale is being produced for both the French Air Force and for the operations in French Navy. It was first introduced in 2001. It has also been marketed for export to several countries like Indian Air Force, the Efyptian Air Force , the Qatar Air Force and the Hellenic Air Force.

Rafale is manufactured by the French aerospace company , Dassault Aviation. Rafale is highly capable of carrying out a bread range if both short and long-range missions. It is widely used to perform ground and sea attacks,investigations, high accuracy-strikes and nuclear strike deterrence.

India has signed an inter-governmental deal to buy 36 of these jets from Dassault Aviation.Ten Rafale jets have been delivered to India so far of which three of them arrived on Wednesday amid the tensions in China and eastern Ladakh. Five of them are now staying back in France to give training to the IAF Pilots.

The aircrafts took 8 hrs to reach India from French airbase after nonstop flying other than three mid-refuelling enroute. Rafale jets were accompanied by mid refuelling aircrafts as well.This shows the long range operational capability of the Air Force.

The first batch of Rafale came to India on July 28th 2020 which were officially introduced in September at the Ambala Air Base,Haryana with a picturesque event with both the Defence ministers in India and France and Defence General and Chief Air Marshal as the special Guests.

All the 36 aircrafts are scheduled to be delivered to India by the end of 2021.

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