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Influencer couple are giving away a ‘vial of donor sperm’ on Instagram, and people are divided

A same-sex influencer couple has left social media users divided after launching a giveaway competition on Instagram that will see the winner receive one free vial of donor sperm.

Now, despite competitions and giveaways becoming more and more popular on social media, winners usually receive a pair of headphones or a makeup pallet… not some dude’s spooge.

However, wives Allie and Sam – who describe themselves as an “LGBT travel couple” – have left their 200,000+ followers divided after launching a giveaway in partnership with the Fairfax Cryobank for one lucky person win “1 vial of donor sperm”.

Sharing a picture of the pair holding a sign that reads “Donor Sperm Giveaway”, the couple captioned the post: DONOR SPERM GIVEAWAY!!

“We are so, so excited to be partnering with @fairfaxcryobank to (hopefully!) help one of you grow your family!”

To win, the couple explains that Instagram users must be following both their account and Fairfax Cryobank’s account. Users must then like the post and tag as many other Instagrammers as they want (in separate comments).

The post clarifies that the “winner will receive 1 vial of donor sperm (of your choice) from @fairfaxcryobank + free shipping,” and that contest is open to residents of Canada and the US only. Finally, the ladies end the post, writing: “GOOD LUCK!!”

However, the post has divided social media users, with some questioning if donor sperm really is an appropriate giveaway gift.

One Twitter user with the handle @jakewhosagirl wrote: “Imagine telling a child that they came from an Instagram giveaway.”

However, some commenters – many of whom are in same-sex relationships – appeared overjoyed at the giveaway.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: InstagramCredit: InstagramCredit: Instagram

“We just started our IVF process,” Monica and E.V. Ventura wrote. “This would be a dream / big time saving in the already huge bill. Thank you for the opportunity ladies!”

Another follower added: “My wife Allie @allyoop1213 and I are just starting the process. We have been looking at @fairfaxcryobank – this would be such a huge help!!!”

But YouTuber Tyler Oakley decided to poke fun at the situation by joking: “do they care what i do with it or.”

One the Fairfax Cryobank website, the company states: “For over 30 years Fairfax Cryobank has provided the highest quality donor sperm that has led to the creation of many happy healthy families.”

They add that only “1 in 200 applicants” make it through their “rigorous screening process to become donors”.

So, it this a bizarre publicity stunt that crosses the line or a genuinely heartwarming opportunity to help a couple start a family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section…

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