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Is Pakistani citizen ruling a village in India? What action did the government take?

by Smitha S

Bano Begum, a 65-year-old resident of Karachi, Pakistan came to India 35 years ago at her relative’s home in Up’s Etah district, where he got married to a local there, Akhtar Ali. since marriage she had been staying in Etah itself on a long0term visa and tried to apply for Indian citizenship several times. But without one, she was found running affairs of a village panchayat as its interim in Etah which has now shocked the police and administration.


An inquest has been ordered by the officials to know how she got the Aadhaar, Voter’s ID and other documents while staying on a long term visa. An FIR also has been filed against her. Bano managed to get elected as a member of Guadau panchayat during the 2015 local body elections. On January 9 this year. The pradhan, who was Shahnaz Begum passed away and Bani took over as interim pradhan on the recommendation of the village committee. This matter came to the reports after a villager residing in Etah named Quwaidan Khan filed a complaint saying Bano is still a Pakistani citizen.


Bano had resigned from this post though, but the DPRO (District Panchayati Raj Officer) Alok Priyadarshi raised the matter with Etah’s district magistrate Sukhlal Bharti who now ordered for an FIR and a detailed investigation. The DPRO Priyadarshi said, “Investigation based on a complaint received against Bano Begum that she is a Pakistani national. She got an Aadhaar card and voter’s ID on her name through fraudulent means.”


He also said, “ Orders have been issued to investigate how she managed to get an Aadhaar card for contesting election to become a gram panchayat member. Strict action will be taken against those found guilty in helping her.” the recommendation to appoint Banoas head of the village committee and to designate her as interim pradhan was made by the village secretary Dhyanpal Singh who is now being removed from his post. Strict action will be taken against him as well.


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