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‘Lady of Fortune’ show comes to Chennai

Astrologer and Vastu expert Dr Jai Madaan tells us about her show, Vastu and steps to attract fortune and abundance.

 Dr. Jai Madaan

TCalled the ‘Lady of Fortune’, Dr. Jai Madaan is known for her practical approach towards astrology and Vastu. She uses a 360 degree approach to synchronise her knowledge of astrology, palmistry, numerology, Vastu, tarot reading, and face reading to offer the most comprehensive solutions that are simple and practical.

Born into a spiritual family and brought up listening to kirtans and spiritual discourses in the Gurudwara at an early age, Jai more often used to predict future events involving the family, friends, and relatives to her mother.

By conducting shows in different parts of the country, the astrologer is set to make her debut in Chennai on Feb 2 (Hotel Crowne Plaze at 4 pm). The two-hour show will predominantly talk about various steps to bring forth prosperity, wealth and energy in home and office.

 “In Chennai, I am going to talk about the ways to understand the science behind astrology and different ways to attract abundance, money, and happiness”, she said. Apart from that, the Vastu expert will also talk about various steps to attract fortune and abundance in 2020.

Jai adds, “As I am someone who doesn’t plan and speak at events, I always let my divine speak through me. Although I don’t look for responses from the audience since my job is to share information but I am always happy to see smiling faces throughout the events”.

Prosperity, wealth and energy are the three bedazzling jewels in life, Jai tells, “One’s house and its impact are much stronger than the person living in it.

When you get a beautiful artefact or painting as a décor, for a few days you end up mesmerising the beauty in it and something as simple as this can make you feel positive”.

Since every human has a superficial ability to react differently to a different environment, Jai says, “One’s body language and mood can vary in different parts of their house and simple things like the color of the walls or tidying the room can impact a great change and that’s the power of Vastu”. To her, Vastu impacts the subconscious and the mind made to think in a certain way can create a neural pattern.

When asked about attracting fortune and abundance in 2020, she says, “If you see any aspects of prosperity as the first thing in the morning then that is what your mind and body will be attracted to. Keeping a small symbol of abundance like a currency note or a cushion with dollar signs next to your bedside can be a huge impact.”

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