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As we are aware of the fact that there is a global race now happening to develop vaccines against Covid-19,many vaccines like Pfizer,Aztrazeneca ,Covax etc have come to the front line proving its efficiencies on people to fight against the infection. Among all,Aztrazeneca’s candidate is viewed as offering one of the best hopes for many developing countries because of many different reasons. Its found to be cheaper in price and it has shown success when transported at normal fridge temperatures. Britain’s top science advisor Patrick Vallance said ,on Thursday, that the interim results shown by the Astrazeneca vaccine was indeed successful. “The headline result of the vaccine works and that is very exciting.” he said.


Britain asked its regulator on Friday to evaluate Astrazeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine for a possible unfolding while the Philippines and Thailand have secured millions of doses,giving the shot a vote of confidence after the experts have raised questions about its trial data. The UK government which has also secured 100 million doses of the Astrazeneca and Oxford University, has now made itself ready for an unfold to begin before Christmas this year.

The pandemic which has already killed more than 1.5 million people globally has made all the countries secure vaccines for their nations. The  Thai government also signed a deal on friday to obtain 26 million doses of the vaccine to fight the pandemic while the officials in Philippines said they would procure 2.6 million shots and were negotiating a possible purchase of a further 1 million doses. The nations announced after come scientists raised doubts about the effectiveness of results showing the shot was 90% effective in a subgroup trial participants who had received only half a dose at first and then was followed by full dose.


Astrazeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said on Thursday that the drugmaker was probably to run an additional global trial to assess the potency  of its vaccine using the lower dosage. The company had already released data on Monday which showed its experimental vaccine prevented about 70% Covid-19 cases in later stage trials in Britain and Brazil. Astrazzeneca told that the administering of the half dosage had been reviewed and approved by independent data safety monitors and the UK regulators and they had confirmed already that there was “NO CONCERN” .

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Oxford University said that additional data from international trials would help reseljd;archers assess the vaccine’s success among a more diverse population. If a vaccine has an efficacy of 50% ,it will certainly mean that if 100 people who are safe from the virus till then will be immunized with the shot,and 50 of them would not get infected. When the full dose was given twice,like in most trial candidates,its success rate was 62%.


Astrazeneca expects 4 million doses to be available in Britain by the end of December. Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) started a “rolling review” of the vaccine at the start of this month as data comes in on its safety and effectiveness.



The US Food and Drug Administration ,has not commented on the trial results yet. The European Medicines Agency said on Thursday it would “assess data on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine in the coming weeks”.















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