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Man fined by Chief Justice in LHC for claiming that Covid-19 is a fake pandemic

by Smitha S

Abbas, an air conditioner mechanic, faced before the court with a petition, that the coronavirus is a part of ‘international conspiracy’ and it does not infect people by shaking hands. He also added that the symptoms of Covid-19 already existed for decades and they were not fatal. This man hails from Lahore, Pakistan and he has been imposed a fine of PKR 20,000 for this news which is certainly considered an offense as the whole world itself is undergoing the toughest year of all due to the pandemic.


This man also said that the government should not be obtaining vaccines in this regard as the pandemic itself is fake. The Lahore high court on Tuesday warned him of filing such foolish petitions in the future. The chief justice in Lahore High Court, Muhammed Qasim Khan, frequently asked the petitioner not to beat around the bush and provide any “medical evidence” if he had one, to prove his claims.


Abbas certainly failed to come up with any logical answer and tried to explain to the court that it was an “international conspiracy” especially against the Muslim world. He requested the court to stop the government from getting any vaccines for the pandemic. The Chief Justice, however, dismissed the petition and imposed a fine of 200,000 Pakistani Rupees on the man because the chief justice observed the man create panic and uncertainty and warned him of filing such petitions in the future.


However, the Pakistani government said it is in consistent and close contact with leading Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers, including the Chinese as well to acquire the doses as soon as possible. It also said that it is reviewing all the developments and updates concerning novel coronavirus regularly, including the data from phase-III clinic=cal trials which is ongoing in Pakistan at present. The Pakistani government confirmed to make a final decision about the earliest availability of the vaccine for the pandemic.


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