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When India crosses the 92.3 lakh mark of Coronavirus cases,Jaipur alone reports over 600 cases per day which is the highest across Rajasthan state which reports 3000 cases daily. In this situation reports have confirmed that Jaipur, will  likely be witnessing a record of about 4,000 weddings from Wednesday till November 30 which is one of the auspicious dates for wedding ceremonies according to the Hindu calendar. This has definitely made the health officials pretty uneasy as the state’s active caseload so far has crossed the 26,000 mark. The spike in the capital city had already worried the authorities that a night curfew and other major measures were announced earlier this week itself.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has put a limit of 100 guests and strict use of masks at weddings. Cases Of infection in Rajasthan have seen a spike of 1.34% since the last four days. With these worries about the pandemic ,Niharika Singh ,a bride -to-be says, “Yes,I did feel bad that a lot of my friends could not attend especially those from abroad but then i guess smaller the gathering the safer it will be.” On the contrary her mother says,” We have such a large social circle but if you see here the guests are less than 100. Now some people have declines as they are scared to venture out but for us it doesn’t work economically as well still have to pay for a 100 guests as the caterer and the organiser will charge a minimum for the food and the venue.so its sad and i wish more people could have come as we have made all arrangements.”


With such a rise of covid cases in the city,it’s indeed a cause to worry and it’s terrible to find out people are still ignorant and wishing for more people to attend the functions. Even the priests who conduct the weddings are worried. A head priest Kamal Chand Shastri told,”The first thing is to wear a mask or we won’t do the puka. There are so many weddings we try to avoid overcrowding by just letting the parents of the bride sit at the mandap.” The weddings are still standing high in super spreading teh infections and government is trying to keep a grip on the situation with some tough rules like strict use of masks,no more than 100 people allowed to take part ,use of sanitisers and most of all social distancing at wedding venues are strictly to be followed and must be ensured at weddings. People will not be allowed to hold “Baraats” (the typical pre wedding procession in the streets where dozens of people come together). Being said all that the government has made rule above all that any violations of these conditions will invite a fine of Rs.25,000.

Dr.KK Sharma ,Director of Health, Rajasthan, said,”We already have section  144 in place but we have asked people that they have to make a video of the marriage only then we can find out if any violations are being made. If found they can be fined anything between Rs. 10,000 to Rs.25,000 as the police or administration cannot interfere during the wedding.”

This is the only thing the government can do at the moment and for the same reasons experts say that penalising after the weddings will certainly not help to keep the corona graph down. The virus cases have risen up after the Diwali celebrations already,and now wedding shoppings and gatherings could lead to a spike in covid related deaths again. Rajasthan recorded 3,285 fresh cases and 18 more covid-related deaths in wednesday,according to the health department. The state’s infection tally now shows 2,53767 while the total death tally was 2,218. Active cases now stand at 26,320 as of today.














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