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In ancient Rome and some other ancient mediterranean civilizations,the horse-drawn chariots were the spoked-wheels (which means the bars or rods attached to wheels drawn by the horses). This critical invention dates to around 2000 BC. At first they were the light horse carts where a biga- required two horses,triga- three,and quadriga -four horses.


The Botticella is the Roman name for the horse drawn carriage which is very popular in the tourist areas of Rome. People are taken on board for admiring the most suggestive corners of the city center of Rome. At first they were used as a means of transport and then it became the tourist attraction to roam around Roman attractions. These open-topped carriages are a very high profit making business with the tour operators charging over 100 euros per person for a tour around the city monuments.


Well as it may very well sound interesting and quite an experience for people , the Animal Welfare groups have been complaining about this trade since a very long time saying horses suffer in the summer scorching heat as they are forced to pull heavy loads over slippery cobble streets. Indeed a debate had been going on over the well-being of these poor animals who suffer a lot due to the business.

With all those areas of concern Mayor Virgini Raggi of the Roman city has made it official to ban horse-drawn carriages as a part of the move aimed at the protection of the animals. Raggi said,”Carriages will no longer be able to circulate in the streets,in the traffic but only inside the historic parks. You will never again see tired horses on the streets of the city during the hottest hours of the summer months,because we have expressly forbidden it.”

While the ban has been announced the carriage drivers are obviously struggling already to earn because of the current pandemic situation and they responded this move is definitely very disappointing. Angelo Sed the head of a carriage drivers association said,” trade in the parks will never be the same as the sort of business you can do in the city centre.”


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