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Santa Claus spotted in the Aquarium – Happy “Fish-Mas” Christmas

by Smitha S

The basement aquarium in the Bangkok shopping mall was the last place the visitors and families were expecting to see “Father Christmas”. But the people who visited the aquarium in Thailand got a big surprise this week when they saw the “Big Man” himself swam by, equipped with fins, an oxygen tank, and a dive mask, carrying a sack full of food. Santa was surrounded by many kinds of curious fishes and shoals.

Children hopped up and down and were extremely excited and mesmerized by a Santa in a dangling red hat waving while floating above the coral and surrounded by angelfish. Frenchman Jean-Baptise Richard said about her 4-year old daughter Maya, who is a frequent visitor to the aquarium, “ She has been running all the way down here to see the diving Santa, normally she never stays here more than 5 minutes, now it’s already 15 minutes. Visitors saw the fish eat from the hand of Santa, who interacts with visitors and poses for pictures from the inside of the aquarium.

Who is this Santa ?

The Surprise aqua Santa in the wetsuit beneath the outfit is Nichakarn Sariwong, a woman, who is an employee of the Marine Life Centre, who works to look after the fish and clean as well as maintain the aquarium. She said, “It’s Christmas time, so I dress as a Santa for about three or four days to feed fish. The kids are loving the show so much.”



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