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The Serum Institute of India has today responded to “malicious and misconceived allegations of a volunteer who appeared for the trial vaccine and has prepared a Rs.100 crore slander suit against him. This 40 year old man hailing from Chennai had appeared for Covishield coronavirus vaccine’s third phase trials which was conducted by Serum Institute, and had claimed Rs.5 crore for a “serious adverse event after being administered under the vaccine” as given in his complaint. He had claimed to suffer a “virtual neurological breakdown” after being administered by the vaccine dose.

He was administered the trial dose at Chennai Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER) on October 1st. Apparently he had filed a legal notice against the company on November 21st,which said that , ten days after the vaccination he began experiencing “severe headaches”,”total behavioural change” and irritation towards light and sound”. The notice also claims that in due course he could not recognise or speak to anyone. On October 26th he got discharged from hospital suffering from “Acute Encephalopathy” for which the notice claims as an “extreme side effect of the test vaccine.”

However the main officials in the Institute said it had a role in phase 2 and phase 3 trials information and  the patients conditions had been shared with other trial sponsors in accordance with the protocols. The Serum Institute has formally responded by saying “no comments “ on this issue.In a statement released on Sunday evening , the Serum Institute has said that it “sympathised with the volunteer’s medical condition there was “absolutely no correlation with the vaccine trial and the medical condition of the volunteer”.


The institute also mentioned “the allegations in the notice are malicious and misconceived.While we are sympathetic with the volunteers medical condition there is absolutely no relation with the vaccine trial and his medical condition.he is falsely laying the blame for his medical problems on the Covid vaccine trial.” the Serum Institute said it would seek damages in excess of Rs.100 crore and would continue to defend itself from all such vindictive  claims. The man’s claim will be investigated by the Drug Controller General of India and an ethics committee at the SRIHER.


Covishield vaccine is certainly among the more promising candidates in concluding  stages of testing around the world not only in India. On Saturday evening Adar Poonawalla said that he had spoken to PM Narendra Modi and said the company would be applying for an emergency use license for Covishield.








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