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Shiv Sena praises Rahul Gandhi, says ‘those in power in Delhi’ afraid of him

by ANI

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Shiv Sena has praised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stating that “rulers in Delhi” fear his return as the Congress president and alleged that a campaign has been launched to defame the Gandhi family.
In an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamna, the Shiv Sena said, “Rahul Gandhi is once again becoming the president of the Congress party which is a good thing. For BJP without Modi and for Congress without Gandhi, there is no alternative. This truth has to be accepted. For some time, after Rahul Gandhi went away, the party’s hold weakened from the position where it was. Now Gandhi is coming back again. Rahul Gandhi has given nod to accept the post of president of the Congress.”
It also referred to the questioning of Robert Vadra earlier this week by the Income Tax Department relating to probe over alleged benami transactions.
“Income tax officials reached Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra’s residence means raid was conducted at his house, this is not a coincidence. Robert Vadra is the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi. There are many controversies related to him but to misuse central agencies to harass the Gandhi family is not right,” Shiv Sena said.
The editorial said there were attempts to portray Rahul Gandhi as a weak leader, he is “standing and attacking the government”.
“The rulers in Delhi are afraid of Rahul Gandhi. If this is not the case, an unnecessary campaign would not have been launched to defame the Gandhi family unnecessarily,” the editorial said.
It said institutions like the Income Tax Department and ED are honest. “As long as the political owners do not give the signal, these loyal people do not reach the doorstep without any reason, so there is no meaning in blaming these people. Rahul Gandhi is again becoming the president of the Congress and a lot more is going to happen from this pain,” it said.

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