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Special forces get a CornerShot boost

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Special forces personnel wield the weapon. (Representational Image: Corner Shot)

Hyderabad: Counter-insurgency operations by special forces across the country are all set to get a major boost with the Centre procuring CornerShot devices to be used with Glock pistols.

The CornerShot, which provides its operator with the ability to observe and engage targets from behind cover, will minimise casualties and gunshot wounds during counter-insurgency operations or hostile situations.


The ministry of home affairs (MHA) recently cleared the proposal and orders for the state-of-the-art weapons system is to be placed shortly. “CornerShot will enable the user to detect and engage targets effectively, using traverse firing in day or night. It also allows its user to see and fire around corners. It will go a long way in preventing and minimising casualties as the user will not be exposed to return fire by the enemy,” a senior police official told Deccan Chronicle.

Though CornerShot systems are being used for training purposes, this will be the first time that personnel in the CRPF, BSF and other forces will be using them in their Glock pistols.


The CornerShot weapon system consists of two joined sections. The front portion holds the pistol along with the camera and other features including tactical LED light, laser device besides other attachments. The rear section houses the operating features, monitor, controls and has a foldable butt.

Among other countries, Israel has been a leading manufacturer of CornerShot systems that are used by military special forces and counter-terrorism units across the world.

They mostly use it for their Beretta and Glock pistols. “CornerShots that are being purchased will have a visible laser indicator with zeroing mechanism for range not less than 15 metres under clear starlight night conditions. The CornerShot lever allows the operator to quickly swivel the weapon system up to 60 degrees in either direction and turn it back to straight just as quickly,” another official involved in anti-insurgency operations explained.


The CornerShot system is already in use for the Indian Police Service (IPS) probationers at the prestigious Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad.

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