“Take advantage of Covid Infestation”, Islamic State to take advantage of the situation to launch a terrorist attack in India: Investigators say the terrorists have entered Delhi

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According to intelligence agencies, terrorists have entered Delhi aimed at terrorist attacks as the nation’s attention has been turned to Kovid’s disease. Two militants have reportedly entered Delhi from Shopian in Jammu and Kashmir. The two terrorists, both Islamic State operatives, communicated via telegram.

The Islamic State mouthpieces Al Naba and Voice of Hind have published articles on the concept of “using context”. The articles call for the exploitation of the security loopholes in this situation, India’s full attention is to safeguarding and treating people. Security has been tightened in Delhi following the incident. Last week, the Islamic State terrorist attack took place in Gurdwara, Afghanistan. Muhammad Sajid, one of the terrorists, hails from Kasaragod, Kerala.

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