Matthew aged 10,who threatened Trump , was rescued by the U.S military and he says it’s a “sweet relief” to be home. This American boy was forced to threaten Trump by his mother and stepfather. He is now 13 yrs old and he has been living with his father for a year now after being rescued by the U.S military in 2018. Matthew was taken to Syria by his mother and stepfather when he was 10 and he was filmed telling Mr.Trump to prepare for a battle on U.S soil. Matthew had counselling to help him deal with everything that happened back then and he is now coping well to his present life.


The incident happened in April 2015 when the seemingly ordinary American family crossed IS territory from the Turkish border province of Sanliurfa. Matthew was just 8 then. He said,”We ran across an area that was very dark and it was night time there were a lot of random spots of barbed wire. There wasn’t much going through my head except that ‘I need to run’ as he spoke about the incident for the first time to a Frontline programme made by U.S public broadcaster.

He remembers he did his best to make sense of his new home in the IS. they stayed in a city called Raqqa which the IS claimed as its capital..he said,” when we were first in Raqqa ,we were in the city areas. It was pretty noisy,gunshots normally heard.once in a while a random explosion,like far away though. So we didn’t have too much to worry about.” In the city, Matthew’s stepfather Moussa Elhassani was sent to military training to become an IS sniper.


But in 2017 his mother Samantha had emailed her sister in the US with a desperate plea for money to help the family “escape” attaching extremely disturbing videos of MAtthew. In one video his stepfather was forcing matthew to assemble a suicide belt. Another video was sent too in which he was seen taking apart a loaded AK-47, challenged by Elhassani to do so in less than a minute. As the U.S-led league escalated its airstrikes in Raqqa, a neighbouring house of Matthew’s which actually collapsed on to his house,from which Matthew and his family managed to escape from the dust and rubbles.


By August 2017,Raqqa was totally destroyed by the US ubt the IS group was still predicting victory and it forced Matthew to deliver a message of resistance and opposition.that was the time when matthew was aged 10 and was forced to act in a video threatening the president of the united states. In his interview he said he was given no choice but to take part in the video,because his stepfather had anger outbursts and was found mentally unstable too, when Elhassani was killed in a suspected drone strike Matthew was so happy as he never liked him for obvious reasons,he added.

His mother, Samantha Sally,was convicted this month of financing terrorism and sentenced to a six and a half years in prison. Earlier after the US attack in Raqqa ,samantha was able to pay people smugglers and got herself and matthew out of IS territory,with matthew hidden inside a barrel on the back of a truck as it passed through IS checkpoints, when they reached Kurdish controlled territory,they were held in a detention camp in winter 2017.Samantha had told she was tricked by her husband into taking her family to Syria,and that had absolutely no idea what he had been planning. She told that her husband had become violent towards her and also admitted that they had bought two Yazidi teenage girls as slaves,and that her husband had regularly raped them.


Samantha continued to stick to the story tht though she supported her husband in his “stupid venture” she was never guilty of supporting him to join the IS as she never was a part of it.however the investigations revealed that samantha had made a series of trips to hongkong in the weks before the family left the US,depositing $30,000 and gold in safety deposit boxes. A friend of Samantha also recalled a conversation with her in which she said her husband had told her he’d been called to join “the holy war”. After more than a year in the prison,samantha was pleaded guilty to financing terrorism as part of a plea deal. The investigation also revealed that samantha had actually helped film the videos of her son matthew being forced to assemble a suicide belt and take apart an AK-47. Indeed horrifying.

When Matthew was being asked in the interview how it felt for him to step back on the US soil, Matthew said,”It’s like being in tight clothes or tight socks and shoes all day and then just taking it off and just feeling nice and chilling in a hot bath. That’s what it feels like , it’s like sweet relief and it feels really good.” he also says “Its happened and it’s done,it’s all behind me now. I was so small then i did not really understand any of it.”

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