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Tessa Thompson reveals she got hit by ‘Monster Truck’ on New Year’s Eve

by ANI

Washington [US]: Closing out the “disastrous year” that was 2020, Hollywood actor Tessa Thompson revealed that she had a very fitting final experience as she got hit by a ‘monster truck’ while visiting a friend.
According to E! News the ‘Westworld’ actor divulged this information on Thursday (local time) while appearing on the show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’. She revealed that her New Year’s Eve celebration turned out to be far more memorable than she anticipated or wanted.
The 37-year-old said, “I drove up a mountain to go to a cabin, and I thought, this will be totally safe because I won’t see anybody, but I got into a car accident, so I did have a socially distanced interaction.”

Though the other driver owned such an intimidating vehicle, he turned out to be quite friendly.
Tessa continued, “I got hit by a big monster truck on the highway.” She further even clarified to the show’s host, “Let’s put it this way. It is as ‘monster’ as a truck could be, driving with a regular commercial license. I got hit, but I’m safe, obviously, and actually, the driver was very lovely in the end.”
Tessa pointed out that she was able to take the potentially scary moment in stride because, as they say, this was not her first rodeo.

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