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The first Covid outbreak was confirmed in Bengaluru and Punjab, with a total of 45 cases in the country

by Shaju Mon

New Delhi / Bengaluru: a person from Texas in the United States to Bangalore and a middle-aged man who returned to Punjab from Italy has confirmed the Covid 19 plague. With this, the number of people diagnosed with covid19 cases has reached 45 in India. Other states that have confirmed covid 19 are Uttar Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir, Delhi, and Kerala. In Bengaluru, the first Covid 19 case has been confirmed, the authorities have given leave to the students till class 5th.

The Ministry of Health said all those returning after international travel should inform the airports. In case of symptoms or not, the information should be provided to the nearest health center, the center of the district administration or to local bodies, the Union Health Ministry said. Of the 45 confirmed cases in the country, 42 were active cases.

Tech, who has just returned from Austin, Texas, USA, has been diagnosed with covid-19. He arrived in Bengaluru from New York via Dubai on March 1st. He is forty years old. He was hospitalized on March 5.

Punjab has reported its first positive case of the deadly novel coronavirus, an infection that has affected over 1.1 lakh people across the globe.

The man had recently traveled to Italy – a nation battling with the outbreak of coronavirus. Over 366 people have died and at least 7,000 have been affected by the virus in Italy.

“The man who returned to Amritsar by an Air India flight from Milan in Italy has tested positive for coronavirus. He had landed at Amritsar International Airport via Delhi on March 4 along with his two other family members,” Punjab Principal Secretary (Health) Anurag Aggarwal said.

The patient is a resident of Hoshiarpur, he said, adding he was tracked at the Amritsar airport and got admitted to a government hospital in Amritsar.

After he was found coronavirus-positive last week after a preliminary investigation, his samples were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, which confirmed on Monday that the man is suffering from, coronavirus afflictions.

His condition is “stable”, the principal health secretary said.

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