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Universe’s boundary can be seen from the farthest galaxy viewed by astronomers

by Smitha S

A team of astronomers has measured the distance to the oldest galaxy which is described as the farthest one ever in the universe. This galaxy is named GN-z11. It’s considered to be the most ancient and farthest from us. The astronomers say that it is so far away that it could define the notable universe’s boundary. The team used the Keck I telescope to measure the distance to the galaxy.


The astronomers used chemical signatures to measure this distance. They are hoping for a better understanding of a period of cosmological history from the universe which was a few hundred million years old. But they also want to answer how galaxies actually form. A Professor from the Depart of Astronomy at the University of Tokyo, Mr. Nobunari Kashikawa said that the previous studies found that Gn-z appears to be the most distant detectable galaxy from the Earth at 3.4 billion

Light-years away. Measuring and verifying such a massive distance isn’t easy, and the team used redshift which refers to the way light stretches out and becomes redder, to measure the distance.

The team also measured chemical signatures known as emission lines that imprint the patterns of light from the distant objects and were able to deduce the travel of light from the target galaxy. Currently the astronomers are waiting for further observations to confirm their findings. They used the MOSFIRE instrument mounted on the Keck I telescope in Hawaii to get the project’s resolution.



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